The Tax Division consists of the Tax Agent who is responsible for collection of delinquent property taxes on mobile/manufactured homes, and business equipment, on behalf of the Flathead County Treasurer’s Office.  The Agent also keeps track of mobile homes and mobile home owners.  The Agent also works closely with the Montana Department of Revenue to provide the current information regarding the location of approximately 4,000 mobile/manufactured homes in the county.  

The tax collection process includes several approaches. The individual(s) are first contacted about the delinquency and an effort is made to assist the taxpayer to become current. If these efforts fail, then collection remedies include garnishing wages, attaching state tax returns and seizing and selling personal property to satisfy the delinquent taxes.  The work of the Tax Agent helps to ensure that every taxpayer pays their fair share of taxes. 

A Mobile/Manufactured Home Movement Declaration is required by state law to be obtained from the Treasurer’s Office prior to moving a mobile/manufactured home into or out of a particular space or address.  Mobile/manufactured homes that are destroyed will no longer be taxed for forthcoming years once the owner submits two required forms to the Department of Revenue (DOR).  The forms include the “Request for Informal Classification and Appraisal Review” (only the first page needs to be submitted), and the “Mobile Home Destroyed Affidavit.”  The completed forms should be mailed to the Montana Department of Revenue, 100 Financial Drive, Suite 210, Kalispell, MT 59901.  Questions concerning regarding filling out the forms can be answered by calling the DOR at 406.758.5700.

George M. Ferris
Tax Agent
Flathead County Sheriff’s Office
920 South Main Street
Kalispell, MT 59901