Flathead County Detectives work closely with patrol deputies, other law enforcement agencies, and Flathead County citizens to investigate crimes such as theft, fraud, burglary, sexual assaults, robbery and homicide. The success of an investigation relies heavily on the detailed collection of physical evidence and on interviews.

This division is charged with the investigation of major crimes and the processing of scenes beyond the capabilities or time restraints of Patrol Deputies. This division conducts interviews, interrogations, proactive crime prevention and education, crime scene processing, evidence assessment, forensic crime scene measuring and mapping, follow-up on criminal cases and extensive pre-employment background investigations.

Some Detectives have had extensive forensic training investigating crimes against children.The Detective Division comprised of two Detective Corporals, two permanent Detectives and three rotational Detectives, one full-time Evidence Technician, one Detective/Coroner Secretary and a full-time civilian child interviewer who coordinates the Child Advocacy Center.


The Flathead County Crime Scene Team responds to document, preserve and collect evidence on major crime scenes as well as to provide assistance in other major investigations.  The Crime Scene Team is dedicated to processing scenes in a professional, competent and systematic manner in accordance with the mission and goals of the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office.

Currently the Crime Scene Team is made up of 14 dedicated members of the Flathead County Sheriff’s Office. Members include 5 Detectives, 8 Patrol Deputies, and the office Evidence Technician.  Members are trained to operate at a high level of competence to ensure evidence is collected, documented, and preserved in a manner in which it can be introduced into all courts in Flathead County, the State of Montana, as well as United States Federal Courts.

The Detective Division is led by Commander Josh Buls If you need to speak to a Detective, please call 406.758.5600.